Welcome to the Ocean Defenders Fundraising Gallery!

Leslie Kennah/Rhizome Media

~Gallery Fundraiser now closed, thank you to all contributed and supported! Stay tuned for future fundraisers! ~

All proceeds from the sale of prints will go to the Hornby Island Conservancy for their work to protect the last remaining herring spawn on BC’s coast.  Herring lies at the heart of the coastal food web and coastal First Nation subsistence and culture, yet overfishing by the commercial sac roe fishery has led to massive declines, leaving only one viable (yet dwindling) spawn centred around Hornby and Denman Islands.  Bringing herring back from the brink could make a huge difference in restoring health and resilience to coastal ecosystems and communities.

Details for ordering prints:

Suggested contributions: Medium sized print (letter size): $30 / Large sized print (poster size): $50/ ea (unframed) – for originals of paintings, please inquire!

Deadline for orders: this page will be up until winter 2020 however we are printing orders as-requested. Payment (e-transfer) will be arranged when the order goes to print! Email if you would like to purchase. Please include in your message: 

1. which artwork (s) you’d like to order (artist name and picture description number(1-5 ordered clockwise from top left)

2. the size (large or medium) – large = poster size, medium = letter size (printed on high quality matte photo paper) 

3. where you are located 

How you will get your order?  Pick up is possible on Salt Spring, Victoria and Vancouver. Orders that need to be mailed can be arranged, though please note that any mailing costs (approx. $15 – 30 in Canada) will not be included in your donation. Finally, if you do not get a reply back within 3 days, please try again or reach out to us on social media!

Thank you so much for your support – enjoy!

Photography by Leslie Kennah

Photography by J.A. Kraulis

Artwork by Paddi McGrath


Prints by Soeine Bac

As part of my practice of improvisation, I often employ DIY methods to make art. I have been making prints of fish, using commonly available natural materials, e.g., leftover coffee or vegetables. Unlike industrial inks, organic liquids are free, and they also give depth to the surface of the image.

Artwork by Anna Kraulis

Sea-birds of the Pacific Northwest

Sanderling (top), Red-necked Grebe (bottom), 9 x 12 inches

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